twenty-five before twenty-five

20170725_204147bSo here I am writing my first ever blog post. Never mind that I’ve just spent about half an hour trying to write ‘25 before 25’ in a way that hasn’t already been taken, isn’t ‘premium’ and doesn’t look weird in front of ‘’. I’ve landed on Catchy huh?

As I said, first ever blog post, so please bear with me.

The goal

In 199 days, I’ll be turning Twenty-Five, and call it a challenge or call it a quarter life-crisis, I have made a list of 25 things I would like to achieve before then. Unsurprisingly ‘start a blog’ features on this list so I can now check one off the list!

I will admit that I have had a little head start on the list and have been putting off starting a blog for a couple of months now whilst I tweaked the list – just a little, I promise! Once it’s out there on the internet I guess its final, so here we go!

No going back now.

The 25

  1. Adopt a pet
  2. Buy myself an expensive gift
  3. Climb a mountain
  4. Complete a sewing project
  5. Complete an online course
  6. Develop and stick to a skin care routine
  7. Eat at 25 different restaurants
  8. Go indoor skydiving
  9. Grow a plant from seeds
  10. Learn 25 new recipes
  11. Learn a language
  12. Learn to ride a bike
  13. Make a new friend
  14. Progress in my career
  15. Read 25 books that I’ve never read before
  16. Redecorate a room
  17. Reunite with old friends
  18. Run a 5k
  19. Save money regularly
  20. Start a blog
  21. Stick to a regular cleaning routine
  22. Stick to an exercise routine
  23. Take a dance class
  24. Volunteer
  25. Watch 25 of the top 250 IMDb films that I’ve never seen before

The progress so far

So as I said, I have had a small head start and I have made some progress on the list already.

1. Adopt a pet – 10 weeks ago myself and my boyfriend adopted two cats. Meet Minnie (Minerva) and Marvolo, subtly named after lesser known Harry Potter characters.

2. Buy myself an expensive gift – A rarely worn L.K. Bennett skirt, which I of course promised myself I’d wear ALL THE TIME. I’m just waiting on a pair of those Kate Middleton heels to pair it with obviously.

24. Volunteer – I am currently volunteering with a Girl Guide group, and I am hoping to start training to be a leader when they start back in September.

And now I can put a nice big strike through number 20. Start a blog. Hopefully I will stick this out over the next 199 days and keep you updated on my progress.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what’s on your list of things to do before your next age milestone – I could do with some ideas for 30 before 30!